Hiruni Ranaweera with Shining Hands

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Hiruni Ranaweer, I met her as a student in my online crochet learning course in 2019. She has a special talent to come up with unique, outstanding designs for baby dressess she make, which cought my eye. This month she is our featured crocheter, with most contributions for crochet a-z group.

How did you first started crocheting?

Watching one of my mothers friends crochet made me fall in love with this craft. This was back when I was schooling, and it lead me to learn about this craft and I started learning basics from her.

I couldn’t continue learning long under her guidance, I learnt how to do the chain stitch from her and because how fascinated and moved I was by this craft I taught myself everything I know about crochet after that. Of course ‘the internet’ helped. I learned a lot following Pinterest, Youtube and the “crochet a-z facebook group”. Most importantly I learned how vastly varied this simple craft is when I joined Crochet A-Z facebook group.

Why do you like crochet?

When I learnt that a mere thread tangled around a hook can create beautiful creations I wanted to become a crocheter. I still feel surreal when I look at a finished product, a ball of yarn turned into a beautiful dress by a small crochet hook. What an amazing art it is.

A yarn ball or two turned into a best buddy for a little baby or simply a stunning dress. Isn’t it fascinating to experience this endless creativity through this art?

What are your most favorite creations to crochet?

I love creating cute and beautiful baby dresses in various designs.

Do you sell crochet? If yes, What’s the name of your business?


Why do you choose that name?

I love to engage in creative work and I very much appreciate creativity in people. I believe people can’t just do beautiful things, it needs talent in my opinion. Therefore, I wanted to name my business in a way that adds a value to that creative artistic way of working. That’s why it’s “Shining hands”

My each and every creation is done by my own hands wielding a mere crochet hook and a ball of yarn. My skills has been a great strength to me and I really appreciate what I can do with my hands. Hence the name “Shining Hands”.

What/who inspired you to start a crochet business?

There’s a saying, “Build your dreams or someone will hire you to build their’s”. So I wanted to build a business of my own from my childhood. I wanted to use the talent and skills I have and what I learnt to build a business. That’s why I put together my crocheting skills and the knowledge I gained from my business management degree into good use.

What is your most favorite creation to the date?

What are your most selling products?

What is to come for “Shining Hands”?

I love the name “Shining Hands” very much. My end goal is to make my business the largest handcraft brand in the world. That’s a very big ambition. I will not hesitate to do my best in achieving it.

What do you think of the event #featuredcrocheterofthemonth?

It is a very interesting programme. It reminded me of the beginning of times in my crochet journey while answering these questions.

Suggestions for the betterment of crochet.lk?

“Crochet A-Z” facebook group is like a knowledge library of crocheting. I learned a lot not only from the group but also from Ms. Asin. According to my knowledge this group has become the largest and best crochet community in Sri Lanka

This page already has given birth to very skilled crocheters, sellers and craft suppliers. Although some do this as a hobby some are very interested to develop this into a business. But I think there’s a lack of knowledge in this area. It would be a great help if we can have more knowledge about online businesses, social media use in business, government support in handcrafts, shops and international handcraft market. There’s a high demand for crochet in international market. However, in Sri Lankan market it’s difficult to find yarn and materials needed to do a high quality product which can be introduce to a high level market. Therefore, if a supplier can fill those market gaps and improve the designer skills with increased knowledge we will be able to take crochet in to a whole another level.

What is your message to the other crocheters?

Do not let your talents and skills grow old or die with you. Turn it into happiness or money.

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